The DIP LAB Policy Hackathon

Our Goal

The goal of this event is to generate solutions to address the pressing challenges of the AANR sector


Each group/team is comprised of 3-5 members which include the following:



The first day will be dedicated to brainstorming and drafting a policy brief. Each team of three to five “policy hackers” will be provided a challenge statement on their chosen topic. Each challenge statement contains a brief background, guide questions, and other helpful information that the policy hackers can use in developing their output. All teams will be given a mentor that they may consult during the hackathon. A briefing kit will also be provided to each policy hacker.

On the second day, teams will have the opportunity to pitch their policy brief to the judges through a 3-minute presentation. The top three teams with the highest points will win Php 10,000, Php 8,000, and Php 5,000 respectively. Good luck!


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


What is Policy Hackathon

Policy Hackathons are problem-solving events that can be used to develop innovative policy solutions. Initiating events like this provides an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas among people from different backgrounds and be part of the solution-making process (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, n.d.).

Is the Registration free

Yes, the registration is free. Food and drinks will be served. Free overnight accommodation will also be provided upon request.

What outputs are expected from each team after the policy hackathon?

At the end of the event, each team is expected to come up with a policy brief on their chosen theme. The teams will be asked to deliver a 3-minute pitch presentation of their outputs.

Until when can I register

The registration is open until July 22, 2022.

Do I need to bring anything?

Each policy hacker can bring a laptop, otherwise, we encourage bringing at least one laptop per team.

Who will own the intellectual property rights of our output?

Polisiya Pasya Syensya is considered an open hackathon. The policy briefs will be considered as open source.

Can I post about the event on my social media accounts?

Please do! You may use the event’s official hashtag #DIPLabPolicyHackathon in your posts! You can also tag us in Facebook ( and Twitter (

Who can I contact regarding the event?

Kindly reach out to our email at [email protected] or through our DIP Lab Project Staff, Ms. Johnnelda P. Cosep at [email protected]. You may also call via landline at (049) 536 3284.